Virtual Reality at the service of the Ponte de Sôr population

For the first time an experience in Immersive Virtual Reality was used to show the population of the Ponte de Sôr municipality future ideas for the city. Using a Head Mounted Display (HDM) it was possible for everyone at the “Flavours Fair”, April 29th to May 1st, to navigate virtually in the future market and surrounding areas. This technology, developed by the Digital Living Spaces group of ISTAR-IUL, ensures full immersion and a sense of presence that is impossible with any other representation method. According to the author of the architecture project, architect João Monteiro , "this method of exploring a future space has enormous potential for communication with clients and lay people ". Immersive virtual reality gives the user the experience of being in real space. The user can walk virtually to their liking by choosing the route and looking in all directions.

"I noticed once again that plans, corss-sections, elevations and even models are not understood by most people, but in this virtual environment they perfectly understand the space", said Sara Eloy, who led the team of researchers who adapted the architecture model for virtual reality and accompanied the demonstration.

This partnership between ISCTE-IUL, the João Correia Monteiro architects studio and the Ponte de Sôr minicipality made it possible for all its residents to have a thorough knowledge of what will be the space that will result from the renovation of the city's market, creating an area for startups and creative businesses that will revitalize the city.

International Colloquium Cities in the age of technological reproducibility. Digital Culture: Architecture and Identity

"Cities in the age of technological reproducibility. Digital Culture: Architecture and Identity" is a scientific meeting integrated in the Contemporary Metropolitan Territories Architecture doctoral program from ISCTE-IUL. The event organization is a joint effort of the ISTAR-IUL and DINAMIA/CET-IUL. The event will take place next 9.05.2017, at the "Auditório JJ Laginha" in ISCTE-IUL.