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Creating knowledge in human centered approaches to technology and in digital worlds for humans in society



Digital Living Spaces

We address the design of environments for human use and exploration, in personal computing platforms, virtual and augmented reality, including architectural spaces supported by digital tools in their early design, conceptualization and fabrication phases.



Information Systems

We focus on the design, implementation and evaluation of information systems in an organizational context, addressing features like executive IS, decision support systems, relations between organizational IS and social collaborative networks, or niche IS’s like healthcare IS.



Software Systems Engineering

We address the lifecycle of large and complex software systems. We focus on the specification, provided services, architecture, design, implementation, quality assurance, operation and evolution, as well as on the associated processes, methods and tools.



Complexity and Computational Modelling

We look at, explain and analyze human and social systems as complex systems and also as systems that are susceptible to computational modeling through mathematical tools.



Virtual Reality at the service of the Ponte de Sôr population

For the first time an experience in Immersive Virtual Reality was used to show the population of the Ponte de Sôr municipality future ideas for the city. Using a Head Mounted Display (HDM) it was possible for everyone at the “Flavours Fair”, April 29th to May 1st, to navigate virtually in the future market and surrounding areas. For more information, please click here...

International Colloquium Cities in the age of technological reproducibility. Digital Culture: Architecture and Identity

"Cities in the age of technological reproducibility. Digital Culture: Architecture and Identity" is a scientific meeting integrated in the Contemporary Metropolitan Territories Architecture doctoral program from ISCTE-IUL. The event organization is a joint effort of the ISTAR-IUL and DINAMIA/CET-IUL. The event will take place next 9.05.2017, at the "Auditório JJ Laginha" in ISCTE-IUL. For more information, please click here...

3nd SUWMIAC - SUmmer Workshop Microsoft – ISCTE-IUL on Applied Computing

The “3nd SUWMIAC - SUmmer Workshop Microsoft – ISCTE-IUL on Applied Computing”, will take place on the 30th. of October 2015. More informations and detailed agenda of the workshop, can be found here...

ISTAR is a new unit

ISTAR-IUL, the Information Sciences, Technologies and Architecture Research Center is a new research unit of ISCTE-IUL, gathering researchers coming from other units, both at ISCTE-IUL such as ADETTI (extinct), BRU, CIES and DINAMIA, and from other public universities in the Lisbon area, such as LaSIGE (FC/UL) and CITI (FCT/UNL, extinct).

ISTAR is still going through the proposal and evaluation steps at FCT, and through the formal creation by the ISCTE-IUL boards. This site is new and still under construction.